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How helps organise a funeral
Just by creating the memorial, the funeral home gains the advantage of publishing the funeral details long before any print announcement.  The memorial has a Google map insert to direct mourners to the venue; and your contact details go there as well to facilitate questions direct to you.

Here’s how it works: sends the family a ‘Funeral Announcement’ email (you don’t have to).  This has a link to the memorial.  It contains a recommendation (in bold type) to forward it to anyone who might wish to attend the funeral.  As this circulates among family and friends, so will the funeral time, date and venue as well as the Google map directions. 

This means fewer calls to the funeral home seeking that information: and it gets your name published early, where it does most good.

Funeral arrangement changes are no problem: the funeral home can amend the details and the system automatically sends a further 'Change of Funeral Arrangements' email to the family. Likewise, arrangements for memorial services and interment services can be updated by simply logging in and clicking on the "Change arrangements for a service" button.